team projects vs. solo projects

even though no one reads this blog I feel like ranting a little. since the last team project fell apart I’ve decided that I don’t want to work with artists for a while. it wasn’t really anyone’s fault (although I didn’t think that a few months ago…), but I’ve found over time that it’s difficult for me to work with any artist-type, for a few reasons which I’ve encountered over many team projects:

1) Artists hate deadlines. I am very deadline-oriented, so when deadlines are missed it physically hurts me. When someone tells me that we have “all the time in the world”, it’s a nail in the coffin of a project.

2) Artists do not like to do the same thing for very long. In every project I’ve worked on I try to prioritize everyone’s work based on need/importance. When work is redone or time is spent on cutscenes / title cards / new ideas, it frustrates me to no end…

3) Artists like to discuss everything, and are more interested in their own ideas. If a project is not exactly what the artist wants, it is difficult to motivate them to work on it. This is probably true for everyone, but I wish each team member had control over their own specific fields of expertise. And maybe that I was less flexible…

4) Artists expect a 50/50 split when profit sharing. While I understand that art is a complex and time consuming process, I do not think it’s 50% of the work, especially when level design and ports become required overtime for the programmer. I think if I ever work with people again, it will be a cash contract, with at least 50% paid on completion of the required work.

please note that this is not a statement about anyone I have worked with in the past, but more my own antisocial tendencies. I don’t like to work with other people, and I’m not the best communicator. I am a programmer and a musician. I dabble in pixel art. everything else should not be in my job description, but I end up doing so much more whenever I am in a team.

in good news, I have been working on a new project since june. it is called Red Neptune, and it’s about prisoners. more information about that project will follow, so stay tuned! =)

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