some of you may know me from Fear Less, the game I made with atpalicis a while back. the rest of you can check it out on Kongregate if you are interested. =)


this is kind of a secret blog for now. feel special that you found it! =P

2 thoughts on “hello!”

  1. Hi there! It’s one of your fans from China!
    Your composition of BGM indeed delighted me. Just an amazing experience playing Fear Less is, and I can’t wait to have more. I hope you can create much more attractive and marvelous things in the future!
    If you’d like to register a twitter account sometime, please publish it and I can follow you to pick up your news as soon as possible.

    Best Wishes,

    1. thanks so much! Tony McCoy did the in-game music, but I did write the menu BGM to match it. I tried to copy the key signature and use a slower pace so that his music would really shine. =)

      my twitter is twitter.com/abground, but the last post was 1.5 years ago. I will probably only ever post new game releases there, but you are welcome to follow anyway!

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